I am thrilled (and humbled) to announce that I’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award by a fellow dance/health enthusiast— whom I owe a major ‘Merci Beaucoup‘ over at  dance healthier!

A Versatile Blogger Award nomination is attained simply when one blog is nominated by another blog – Tutus&Tea was in fact nominated by dancehealthier, and is ever so grateful…This award does come with a set of rules which include nominating 15 other bloggers (of course, notifying them of their nomination) and listing 7 facts about yours truly.

  Alors, I would like to personally thank the following blogs for giving me every day inspiration to seek, savor & share my own experiences with all of you…




1. ElbowRoom

2. Cannelle et Vanille

3. Tartelette

4. A Cup of Jo

5. What Katie Ate

6. La Tartine Gourmande

7. Mowielicious

8. Mother Lovely

9. Roost

10. The Little Red House

11. My New Roots

12. Sprouted Kitchen

13. Tea Time Thoughts

14. Matchbook Mag

15. Oh Happy Day!

And as for my seven facts….well here you are:

1. I am a professional ballet dancer with the Royal Danish Ballet in Copenhagen, Denmark

2. I am a culinary enthusiast at the highest, humblest degree….hence my nickname ‘p.e.’ (Petite Épicurienne)

3. I love traveling, photographing and journaling my experiences to share with others

4. I am an admitted francophile…loving all things french, parisian, meringued….I think you see…

5. Must end my night with a bowl of ice cream…see here.

6. Love to stop and appreciate the little moments in life that keep us happy on a daily basis..

7. Forever inspired by my family, friends and mostly, my God.

A special thank you once again for receiving this award that not only recognizes my work, but celebrates the worthy inspiration of so many others as well…