Do you know what I love about Sunny afternoons…? Strolling down Nyhavn to the buzz of café life, the smell of waffles & most importantly, the cones of ice-cream cradled indulgently by locals & tourists alike. If the weather is anywhere over 50 here in Copenhagen, it is reason enough to break out the scooper and head for the sun. Naturally, I have no objection.

What better way to prepare for summer’s finest then lovely bowls/cones of homemade Ice Cream in the Spring??

…my sentiments exactly.

So, now that my little ice cream machine is on a churning roll, I’ve decided to embrace fresh berries, cold cream, exotic spices & all of the freedoms that come with personal flavor favorites…This week’s Scoop du Jour? A Very Berry Ice Cream that I saw the likes of here ~ a twist of blackberries & raspberries did the trick for this roomie-approved recipe which brought back the sweetest memories of after school stops at Big Olaf Creamery…think blackberry sherbet and you’re right there with me ;) Ready for a visual…? I can personally tell you that one bowl is never enough.

Here’s to Sunlight Sweets & Cold Midnight Treats.

berries & bliss ~ p.e.