Well as the season draws to a close here at Royal Danish Ballet we are preparing for the likes of our final program, All the Rage.

This particular evening will include works (both new and revived) by well known choreographers including Wayne McGregorYuri Possokhov,Patrick Delcroix, and Tina Tarpgaard. This diverse array of contemporary dance will be exhibited in the intimate ‘Playhouse’, home mostly to plays in a black box theater.

Over the past few weeks I’ve had the honor of working with Yuri Possokhov on a new creation which will premiere in this program on May 26th. I love being a part of the ‘building’ process of a ballet…Most ballets, as you can imagine, were created long ago with little room for revision, and while the history of a piece adds much to the experience of dancing it, there is something special about performing a piece that was specifically ‘choreographed’ on you. You can take more artistic liberty…creative ‘ownership’ if you will..

Here are a few shots captured during the ‘creation process’ which by now is nearly finished..Next week will take us down Nyhavn Canal to this beautiful theater, where we’ll put the finishing touches on what will soon be a new piece of dance history.


Contemporary Creations & Captures.