Quinoa (keen-wa). I’m sure you’ve heard of this super star grain alternative by now…one of the healthiest, protein packed power options that never fails you a nutty bite.

As a dancer.. health nut..foodie enthusiast… I thought it might be a fun undertaking for recipe experimentation. Sweet in a breakfast oatmeal…? Savory in a ‘veggie burger’? Quinoa is both versatile and palate friendly ~ so feast your eyes & feel free to send me your favorite variations on a grain to add to my routine :)

Served here as an ‘oatmeal’ alternative, see my recipe on Pointe Magazine’s Blog!

A savory twist? Try combining cooked quinoa with minced veggies, bread crumbs, and an egg to make a veggie ‘pattie’. Sautée until brown and crisp on both sides, serve on a bed of greens and add a poached egg for a little protein kick!

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