Last week here in Copenhagen was perhaps the sunniest we’ve seen all year…temperatures climbed to the mid 70’s and more people filled the parks than you can imagine ~ myself included :) It’s thrilling how quickly this city comes to life as soon as a triumphant sun lingers for a little longer than usual…

Needless to say, the hours that aren’t spent in the studio or on the stage are enjoyed by soaking up the rays of warmth so long anticipated in Scandinavia.

If you’re thinking iced coffee & rhubarb crumble in the park you’re on the right track…throw in a sprinkled cone of Vanilla soft serve overlooking the canal and you’ve hit the target my friends. One particularly lovely day last week I met a friend for lunch in Kongens Have (the King’s Garden). We sat their enjoying the fresh grass between our toes and the crisp breeze that cooled the sun on our faces…absolument joie de vivre! Afterwards we made our way to my favorite produce market, Torvehallen, where select boxes of blueberries literally stopped us in our tracks — Perhaps the largest blueberries I’ve seen to date. Now there is only one thing to do in this scenario and I’ll tell you what it is. 1. Taste said blueberries with enthusiasm 2. Question their magical origin (sunlight-exposed Spain in this case) & 3. Purchase as many cartons as you might be able to fit into your bicycle basket…and that is just exactly what I did. After a roof-terrace photo shoot to capture their sizable beauty, I can assure you they did not last much longer… :)

As for our recent premiere, I am thankful to report mostly positive reviews. It’s interesting to see the different responses of our audience to more contemporary programs, seeing as how this city is so deeply rooted in more traditional, story ballets…I find the Playhouse theater to be a perfectly intimate venue to get viewers in touch with less classical expositions of art & dance. A few more performances & alas, we’ll succumb to Summer!

The picture below graced the ‘Culture’ section of our big Newspaper here…Want to see a Trailer of the entire program? It’s All the Rage!

…a little peak into the Textile & Paint Workshop to see the making of our costumes for Yuri Possokhov’s Narcissum.

Blueberries, Rays & Reviews~p.e.