Alas! August has arrived yet again….just in time to leave us with the juiciest stone fruits, sweetest berries and sun kissed memories of summer that lovingly linger…

I intend on making up for my recent respite with a spectacular round about of my summer travels, but first….Please join me in celebrating the 2nd year Blogiversary of Tutus&Tea! Can you believe it readers? Another year of classes, rehearsals, performances (over 100 last Season!)…cooking, baking, photographing…eating, savoring, sharing…A year filled with great expectations, promising opportunities, battles to hurtle and belly laughs to leave me with a smile at the end of the day..I would first and foremost like to thank ALL of you for your feedback and loyal readership ~ this collection of my chronicles would not be half as enjoyable with out someone to share it with…Enjoy below, some favorite Captured moments of my recent travels to Greece – a charming country of blue seas & white walls, bougainvillea bounty and grilled seafood specialities…as well as your TOP 5 posts on Tutus&Tea from the past year!

Creating a Character

Bouquets of Flowers & Snowflakes

Tea Leaves for Donna

Marzipan & Memories

Studio to Stage.

Here’s to another year of well-seasoned musings!

Join me in discovering sweet & savory moments from plates to performances…and how was your summer?