Sometimes, special days at work involve costume fittings in perhaps one of the most sacred, creative corners our theater beholds…The Costume Room. Not a day goes by that I don’t wonder by this open-windowed space, gawking at creations in the making…I often go on ‘self-assigned’ journeys through racks of costumes all lined up, just reveling in every minute detail that was sketched and stitched into fruition.

Today was one of those days dear readers… Though I did have an official fitting for our upcoming production of The Golden Cockerel (pictures soon to come!), I took my time on the way out… stealing a few sneak peaks here & there of various tutus and treasures. Naturally, I will share them with you! (only had the iPhone on me this afternoon, so instagrams will have to suffice for today’s captured moments…)

Hope you enjoyed a little day in the life behind the curtain

Seamless Stitches & Treasured Toile~