This afternoon I had the delight of visiting Copenhagen’s darling theme park known as Tivoli. Every major holiday, (think Halloween, Christmas, Easter and Summer) Tivoli dresses itself up to the nines in sincere jubilation. Shamefully admitted, this is my first time experiencing Halloween at Tivoli, and I can safely say, it won’t be my last. Thousands of pumpkins big & small decorate the streets, trees, stalls, wagons and wheelbarrows…the smell of licorice, apple cider and cinnamon waft through the crisp fall air, and daily parades of witches and goblins of the sort follow you down the narrow store-lined alleys.

My suggestion? Head to the organic farm stand for a pulled pork sandwich, eat it rustic, street-food style as you lose yourself in the magic of Halloween festivities around you…and just when your fingers can’t take the nip in the air any longer, grab a steaming hot apple cider infused with ginger and cinnamon for your walk home. I promise you will leave feeling utterly carefree and 10 years younger,  a smile bewitched across your happy face :)

Here’s a little gallery of gourds to tickle your fancy~









Spiders & Ciders~ p.e.