Anticipation is rising as Saturday’s premiere of La Bayadère draws near…Between our daily runs, last minute costume checks and changes, it’s been a true delight to see this production come together. It always seems like yesterday that new productions are presented to us as slideshows, hand-drawn sketches and fabric swatches passed around to get ‘a vision’ of what the next 3-5 weeks of rehearsals and collaborative efforts might bring…when all of the sudden the curtain rises on opening night, and everything has come to longdancing fruition.

I especially enjoyed sneaking my camera around the studios and hiding behind wings to attempt capturing the process of this ballet, as I believe it contributes wholly to appreciating the final production ~ a luxury, which I am happy to share with you here on Tutus&Tea :)

As you might know, La Bayadère (translated to mean The Temple Dancer) was originally choreographed by Marius Petipa with music by Ludwig Minkus. The plot reveals a story of scorned lovers & scandal hidden behind the veils of exotic maidens, reaching it’s climactic end in “one of the most celebrated excerpts in all of classical ballet” ~ It is during this scene that 24 of us tutu laden ‘Shades’  arabesque our way down an endless ramp to the Kingdom we claim as visions of bayedère beauty…

…That being said, there has been a whole lot of TuTu’s decorating the studios, wings, and stage as we prepare for our ‘grand descent’…and given that it is the namesake of this here blog, I thought these shots deserved a little moment in the spotlight. So here is to the classic TuTu: Rigid in form, yet elegant in motion…the dreamy ‘work outfit’ of a lifetime :)






So here’s to the perils of perfect lines & Shades in stark white.

Hope to see you Saturday!

beaucoup de tutus et toile~p.e.

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