As we fly through November, the sun becomes ever shy….fading into tones of grey and going to sleep a little sooner than we’d all prefer here in Scandinavia….(dark by 4pm — anyone? anyone?) Alas, we do what Danes to best…surround ourselves with cozy company (‘hygge‘ as they say), candle light, and Christmas Markets (my favorite!) while diving into roasted veggies and the like to challenge a winter appetite.

Today I’d love to talk about breakfast. Perhaps by favorite meal of the day (second only to brunch, for it’s excuse to extend the breakfast hour…) Are you a savory morning person? Sweet? Maybe nothing at all? I not only enjoy preparing a beautiful bowl of something to accompany my soy latté, I savor the flavors of spiced oats, tart greek yogurt and always the occasional Sunday stack of pancakes…I thought I might share a few of my personal (instagram’d) favorites here with you on Tutus&Tea in hope that they might inspire you to kick it up a notch in the morning…There’s nothing better to battle a chilly sky with than a foamy cuppa’ served along side your breakfast of choice…Bon Appetite et Bonne Journée!

First thing’s First:

How about sharing a Quiche & Salad with the Sunlight?


Maybe you’re one of those simple Toast is the most types…I prefer warmed slices of gluten free bread with honey and marmalade…


Most mornings I seek something more elaborate… a generously decorated bowl of greek yogurt to accompany the bready bits if you please…

Other mornings a bowl of seasonal berries will suffice ~


My go-to winter breakfast remains….Slow cooked Oats infused with cinnamon and nutmeg, spread with applesauce as I did in this post, or otherwise enhanced with Maple Syrup & berries…a splash of soy milk, a sprinkle of flaxseed…



…and while I love a good attempt at making my own pancakes, I can never pass up the opportunity to Sunday frequent one of my favorite café’s in Copenhagen for their fail-proof platter of happiness:


Can you smell the coffee yet ? It was a pleasure sharing my morning with you…Stay tuned for more kick-start ideas for Morning Glory next week!

Which breakfasts beguile you…?