Are you all recovering from Turkey day? I would love to wish the Happiest Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans this week… Here’s to tables full of family and all the fixin’s…Don’t you just love an excuse to try out new recipes while digging up those traditional favorites past down from generations?? Creamed Kale anyone? Gluten free stuffing? I was happy to contribute a homemade Pumpkin Pie to the dessert table this year.. Remember this one that reined last November? Maybe you were more into the Pumpkin Scones from Alice’s Tea Cup..too hard to choose :)

This evening we will finish up our run of La Bayadere over at the Royal Theater. Did you get to see it? I thought I might dedicate a little corner of my chronicles to the blue hazed visions of what we see from the wings. It’s funny because all too often we’ll run entire productions too many times to count, yet we still have no idea what it looks like from the front! That speciality is what’s saved for you ~ That being said, I thought I might give you a different angle.. Here are a few favorites that I captured over the past couple of weeks…small moments from the dancer’s perspective…hidden behind the wings that separate reality from realms of stage splendor…La Bayadere will come again in March of 2013, so if you missed out on it this time, you can look forward to a fresh sneak peak in the Spring! On to Sleeping Beauty these days… December on the rise!


Of the many things I am grateful for this year…my family, friends, faith, health… I would like to thank each of you for your readership, feedback, and enthusiasm to share with me bits of happiness here on Tutus&Tea. Looking forward to December with you!

Wings & things~ p.e.