One thing I absolutely anticipate this time of year is what I’ve come to know as ‘Christmas Cozy’s’…This type of hygge gathering is at best, a combination of lovely friends, favorite holiday jingles, and one too many plates of ‘Jul’ cookies & cakes. I prefer to go ‘potluck’ style, and this year had each darling guest contribute their favorite traditional goodies…I thought it would be festive to see an assortment of family favorites coming from different corners of the earth… Norway, Denmark, South Africa, America…I whipped up a loaf of Pumpkin Bread and some Spiced nuts to serve along with these Sesame bars…sprinkled the table with Clementines & Candles and the rest was a surprise with the arrival of each familiar face…think Saffron Buns…’Snowballs’ (chocolate covered marzipan)…Aebleskiver (just your average pancake ball of goodness rolled in raspberry jam and powdered sugar…!!!) Hazlenut cookies….tea, tea, tea and a glass or two of mulled cider…. et voila! Christmas at it’s coziest.

Among these indulgent moments I’d love to share with you a couple dressing room shots of my ‘fairy hair’ for Sleeping Beauty… Our hairdressers have been hard at work, braiding and twisting and turning nearly as much as we do down on the Stage…Enjoy! Any yuletide fare you’d like to share?

Saffron Buns Spiced Nuts Pumpkin Bread Fairy Hair Aebleskiver Fairy Hair, Sleeping Beauty

Shall we raise our Tea cups to Coziness?

Traditional Trades & Braids~p.e.