This past weekend between bookend performances of Sleeping Beauty, the Royal Theater hosted an evening of mixed repertoire—a Hübberiet—ranging from Opera Christmas Carols to live bands on stage…sprinkled throughout, numbers from the winners of ‘Vild med Dans’ (Danish spin on Dancing with the Stars) and the company’s latest undertaking, Corpus.

Behind this wholesome image of individuality lay the creative devices of Tim Matiakis and Esther Lee Wilkenson, two dancers in the Royal Danish Ballet who masterminded a collaboration of unique talent and childhood dreams to create Corpus (body)- Each dancer was asked questions regarding their aspirations as artists and dreamers, and depending on our answers were encouraged to choreograph, improv and create a piece distinct to our personal experiences and passions. The result…?

A multifaceted display of originality and love of dance, exposing a far more personal side of our lives than what the Classic ballets usually allow….and a Standing Ovation :) 

Below are a few moments captured at one of our ‘works in progress’ rehearsals…an intimate, close-up experience during which the dancers and audience could enjoy a more personal exchange…

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Photo Credit: Henning Sjøstrøm



Here’s to the freedoms of movement, imagination & originality.

A special thanks to Tim & Esther who managed to inspire our differences, combining so many bodies into one.

ballerinas & ball players. p.e.