Another year has come and gone and alas we dive into the long awaited 2013…Can you believe it? The last 12 months have seemingly frozen time/flown by all at once. Funny how that seems to happen ~

I thought I might roundup a few of my fave Tutus&Tea moments over 2012 before plunging forth into a new and exciting year of blog-worthy events ~ Also wanted to share my latest contribution to Pointe Magazine’s blog ~ a little Resolution reminder…Happy New Year! Let’s make it a good one :)

Palais Garnier

Majestic Studios in Paris’ Palais Garnier to start out January…img_0256-1

…Floridian photo shoots in Februaryimg_5680

Costume Fittings and Camellias


Easter Weekends in London..


revisiting The Lesson.img_8303

Weekenders in Wien. (Vienna)


Summer Salads & Squid…img_0994

Greek Islands and Guest Blogging… dance-spirit

Picnics with ‘friends’...img_1738-2

Close ups with Chanterelle’s.img_1896

backstage with La Bayadere.img_2623


Cockerel Fittings &


Terrace Breakfasts in the sun…img_2535

Cozy Christmas dinners…



Corpus and Crisp Winter mornings..img_3611Here’s to another year filled with love, laughter, growth, happiness & health.

Living in the Now~ p.e.