joie de vivre:

a cheerful enjoyment of life, an exultation of spirit…and the only excuse for my absence. 

The past 8 weeks have taken me on 16 flights around the world. Discovering. Dreaming. Dancing. Indulging. Capturing.

In lieu of my dear blog, I’ve done my best to live each day to its fullest, writing down/photographing moments to share here with you. The next few posts will be more show than tell since this Spring will reveal exciting new directions for Tutus&Tea and me…

Thanks for checking in friends ~ The year has only just begun, and our best days are out in front of us.

Below…some black & white favorites from the Royal Danish Ballet’s recent tour to the Sultanate of Oman ~

Grand Mosque: Muscat, Oman

Grand Mosque: Muscat, Oman



Muscat Souq ("Market")

Muscat Souq (“Market”)

Hopefully these memories will make the wait worthwhile – Sometimes when life catches you in otherworldly destinations you have to set the pen down and seize it…

marble floors & opened doors.