It’s hard to believe that an entire month has come and gone since I’ve settled into this lovely Hub’ of happiness…I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to find a new normal, explore new spaces, stages, faces….Each day brings a fresh breath of freedom & faith, march & melody that leave me brimful of gratitude on my daily walk home…The ‘friendliest walker city in the country’ is an open playing field of bone chilling history and breathtaking beauty, which I’ve enjoyed getting to know in these past few weeks…and which I look so forward to sharing with you in this new, spontaneous mini-series of getting to know {Boston} posts here on Tutus&Tea. 

    As an effort to reach out and network myself here in Bean Town I signed up to join the Boston Brunchers for a Sunday morning of delicious food and inspiring company. This lovely, rotating group of foodie enthusiasts and friends gathers on a monthly basis to network the Boston food blogging community ~ Brunch & Blogging..? I had to see (and taste) for myself! 

   This past Sunday we savored shared plates of crisp citrus salads, poached eggs on beds of vegetable hash, and eggs benedict among other noble selections at The Fireplace – a cozy, corner restaurant in Brookline that boasts attentive service and gourmet comfort food plated with eloquence. Considering brunch to be one of my all time favorite meals of the week, this was no less than the perfect way to make new friends, explore a new neighborhood, and to share tidbits about this city with other motivated bloggers trying to get to know Boston. 

Beet & Orange Salad

Crispy Cornmeal Waffles with Pumpkin Butter & Cranberry Apple Glaze

Seared Confit Duck and Arugula Salad Boston Brunchers

Who doesn’t love a creative gathering…new friends & flavors? Here’s hoping I’ll have many a more BostonBrunch to share with you all between my time in Tutus & generous sips of Tea.

Thank you to The Fireplace & the lovely ladies I feel blessed to call new friends!


*Since I dined with the BostonBrunchers, I had the pleasure of enjoying this meal free of charge ~ The generosity of this cozy café in no way influenced this post, as my thoughts and tastebuds ring true to my palate’s content :)