Well who doesn’t love another cup of cruciferous juiciferous to start there day..? Ever since my parents christened my new kitchen counters with a Vitamix blender I can guarantee you two things: 1. Not one leaf of spinach/kale/celery…slice of apple/banana/pear/lemon…chunk of fresh ginger or frozen pineapple..spoonful of chia/hemp/flaxseed has gone to waste… and 2. My daily allotment of seasonally peaked produce has no less than tripled….dare I say quadrupled? It’s a fun word anyways…right up there with cruciferous…am I right? ;) Go on…say it aloud. Start your day with a smile & a tall glass of green juice ~ 

While there are more than enough recipes out there to inspire your drinkable multivitamin, I thought I might share my personal fave breakfast of champions here — with 3 more performances of Chroma this weekend, I can count on this power packed sustenance to get me through… followed by copious amounts of the obvious…protein…carbs…and chocolate.

Green Juice Goods Green Juice


Combine a generous amount of Spinach leaves and Kale with 2-3 cups of water. Blend until smooth.

Add in your choice of fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds… I used celery, avocado, apple, banana, ginger, lemon, frozen blueberries and pineapple, a handful of walnuts, a sprinkle of hemp seeds.

I like to combine my ‘green monster’ with a splash of fresh carrot juice for a smoother texture and I find the natural sweetness of the carrots cuts the (sometimes) bitter kale quite famously…

So are you green with envy..? Bottoms UP!

Below, a little instagallery of long days in the studio/backstage at the ballet…