Devoted Readers & Dearest Friends…dare you forgive me for my absence? I’ll suffice to say that since we last met, my journeys have taken me from the village of Coppelia in the Boston Opera House, Serenade-ing in a Castle for the Balanchine Ball and most recently, a brief Symphony in 3, Dance Across America at Washington DC’s Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts…Remember my last visit to the Nation’s Capital?

Needless to say I’ve been kept on my toes, but thinking of you all the while… Sometimes there seems to be more time in tutus than cups of tea… My travels have kept me further from the kitchen than I would prefer, but I hope to have some culinary contributions in the coming months of my favorite season… June! Can you believe it? Half the year has come and gone and at long last, the dulcet tones of sweet summer nights are greeting us longingly… I love waking up at 7 and feeling rested because the sun’s been awake for hours before me… the birds chirping and the smell of afternoon thunder storms…

Enough said and done, I’ll leave you with some captured coziness of a recent dinner party and some fun links to share the latest happenings of life at the Ballet…Enjoy, I’ll be back soon!

Boston Ballet Bulletin

My Interview at the Kennedy Center!

Balanchine Ball 

Photo Credit: Jack and Tina Fussell Photo Credit: Jack and Tina Fussell Images of me were taken by the lovely Jack & Tina Fussell. Check out their beautiful work here! …and another little insta gallery below from yours truly…

It’s a rainy Thursday in BeanTown…Alas I think it’s time for tea :)