There’s just nothing like a weekend in the woods to reconnect you with your childhood…something about the smell of fresh, forest air and the feeling of grass in between your toes…throwing frisbees and swimming in a lake, that’s enough to make any dancer (person) yearn for the summer camp experience they never had. That’s not to say ballet summer intensives didn’t have their own unique offerings… (lanyards anyone? ;)

Needless to say amongst all of our preparations and rehearsals for Boston Ballet’s upcoming Tour to London, a 24 hour sleepover in New Hampshire seemed like a non-negotiable ~ The perfect combination of s’mores, badminton, nature walks and fireworks to fuel up for our upcoming week of performances at the Coliseum, London’s largest theater and home stage to the English National Opera.

Tours are always a unique opportunity to get to know the dancers in your company on a more personal level. However jet lagged, swollen and dehydrated we might find ourselves, there is always a certain je ne sais quoi about exploring new cities, dressing rooms, studios and stages together…finding inspiration in the unknown and being seen by foreign audiences with fresh eyes. (Perhaps you’ll remember other tour recollections of Tutus&Tea… Sleepless Cities & Summer /  Company in the Capital / Bye Bye Berkeley …?)

Next week we will bring two mixed bills to the UK ~ a rather stellar (coveted) combination of Balanchine, Forsythe, Elo, Wheeldon, Kylián and Nijinsky. Six performances in 5 days followed by a month off to enjoy the summer season at it’s ripest…I look so forward to filling you in on our hop across the pond when we return!

Until then…Seize the Summer for all of it’s goodness…longer days, lingering rays…berries, bathing suits & bliss ~ you’re 1 week away!

Nature Walks Lake Swims Wild Flowers Lake Swims Birch Tree Below a little insta-gallery for a Summer SendOff!

Travelling TuTu~ p.e.