Why helloOo!

Alas we’ve returned from the land of free standing, famous clocks {big ben}, royal housing {hellO Buckingham Palace}, fancy ferris wheels and posh parliaments, and with much acclaim if I don’t say so myself… Naturally, the travels got in the way of my posting but there really are never enough excuses…. #livingtowrite!

Below I’d love to share with you some fun video links, critic’s reviews and recaps of the Boston Ballet’s summer tour to London ~ bits & bobs of a week I’ll never forget…and what will remain? Lingering smiles, sore muscles and stolen moments preserved through pictures…here’s hoping for a speedy return to the city that welcomed us warmly with generous audiences, timeless surrounds and copious amounts of Cadbury ;)

Below, pictures of George Balanchine’s Serenade by Cheryl Angear of Ballet News

best Boston-Ballet-Serenade- Boston-Ballet-Serenade-077 Boston-Ballet-Serenade-059 Boston-Ballet-Serenade-081 Boston-Ballet-Serenade-383 Boston-Ballet-Serenade-002

Boston Ballet July eNewsletter (tour videos/links…make sure you catch this one :)

My guest post on touring for the Ballet Bag

Flickr Gallery

The Ballet Bag RoundUp! 

Boston Globe Review

Times (London) Review

Guardian (London) Review

Stay tuned for my post tour travels to Turkey!

Links & Love ~ p.e.