Our next big Turkish excursion took us right along the Bosphorus Straight to Büyükada – literally translated to mean”Big Island”, it’s the largest of 9 that make up the collection of Princes’ Islands which decorate the Turkish coastline along the Sea of Marmara. Only about 2 square miles, this gem is rich in Byzantine Emperor history and calls the curious tourist away from the busier capital with conviction. It is here that I’d recommend you go to take a horse-drawn carriage tour after grabbing the freshest seafood lunch ~ We tempted our palates with fried sardines and sea bream, devoured along side tomatoes sweeter than candy…the rival turkish delight? The stray cats at our feet were no strangers to anything leftover…

Of course we couldn’t miss out on the world’s creamiest gelato offerings either… Pistachio, Nougat and Raspberry made for the dreamiest team…Stopping for local bakery specialities, photo opps and flower wreaths…leaving with smiling bellies and sunkissed shoulders.

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I’m pretty positive this island requires a sure return, don’t you think?

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Island Hopping & local Shopping. ~ p.e.