As the end of August draws near (insert sigh) I can’t help but reflect over the travels, tastes, and time that has simply flown by as it always seems to do this time of year.

Summer: The warmest season, when sunsets linger like smiles on sunburnt faces, meals turn into memories, with berries and stone fruits taking center stage….blog post inspiration weighing heavily on my shoulders, but a tid bit lacking in execution…(insert apology) Most of all, it’s a sacred time of Relaxation. Restoration. Refueling.

I look forward to surrounding myself with pictures of warmer days, sun-ripened tomatoes and dreamy beaches as Fall approaches and rehearsals start up over at the Studios…Oh the Power of a Picture! I’ll share some with you here where I’ll wrap up my little Turkey excursion with a few favorites…

Remember the guest performing opportunity I mentioned in this post? Stay tuned for coverage dear readers :)

 Embrace these longer days & smile at the Sun.

Tomato & Burrata Salad Bodrum, Turkey Fresh Sage Leaves Bodrum, Turkey

Pictured Above: An unforgettable Shaven Tomato Salad with smoked Halloumi, Flat Leaf Parsley and a sinfully simple vinaigrette. I repeat, sinful.

The Aegean Sea of Bodrum, Turkey, hiding behind copious amounts of brave Bougainvilleas.

Fresh Sage Leaves – The secret ingredient to a Chamomile, Lemon and Ginger Tea (served sea-side.)

Aforementioned Bougainvilleas, because honestly, who can get enough of those beauties…???

And below… a humble gallery of week one back at the ballet!

Summer Serenity ~ p.e.