Well hellooOooooo!

Did you think I disappeared…?? So much for my attempt at more consistent postings…perhaps I jinxed my bold ambitions? C’est juste la vie, je suppose...

Alas, I’ve returned to my little corner of chronicles and I’m happy  to say life since my last post has been lovely…busy, challenging, restorative, stimulating—filled, naturally, with sore muscles, pointe shoes to be sewn, days spent at the studio and weekends spent away… It’s quite amazing what even 24 hours in another city will avail you on a day or two off… I’ve had the recent luxury of visiting Newport, Rhode Island (oh hey Gatsby mansions…!!!) as well as Manhattan and come back to dear Boston feeling revived, refreshed, thankful for the cleanliness and quiet of the hub.

I’ve started a class in Psychology as I’m pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Leadership Management with North Eastern University, and have found myself frequenting (pop up) farmer’s markets, local shops and new neighborhoods I’ve yet to explore more of… I’ve fallen into the restorative likes of the Soma System Class – a one hour yoga-esque retreat that involves rolling around on toys of all types to release muscle/fascia tension, and have recently pursued yoga, taught by a dear friend and inspiration of mine who just completed her teacher’s training… I had fun photographing her around the city – You might be surprised by the ease of which she could find her zen on a bridge/a dock/a lawn….Don’t you just love seeing friends prosper? There’s something so mutually rewarding about it… Speaking of, I’m reading a great book of late, entitled “Do Cool Sh*t” by Miki Agrawal – a successful, social entrepreneur who shares her up and down climb to pursue her “passion project” … and of course, indulging myself in late night pages of the latest Kinfolk – which happens to focus on finding *guilt-free* weekend respite – Are you also tempted by the inbox/pinterest/instagram/snapchat/twitter/blog overflow..? Not to mention bits of homework, grocery shopping, laundry in between….

Enough said & done.

Below…a perfectly random assortment of pictures close to my heart, captured (mostly) at various moments of the past month I hope to remember… While the subject matter seems scattered, revel in the similarities of palate offered by nature and encouraged by nurture – I’ve found that despite my type-A, list making, endlessly organized personality…it is sometimes in disorder that colors will compliment and beauty will bounce between wild flowers and handmade linguini…les petites choses :)

by Jack&Tina Fussell Boston EsplanadeMarket Mushroomsby Jack&Tina Fussell Handmade Pasta Sarasota SunSet Spinach Linguini Wild Flowers by Jack&Tina Fussell*A special thank you to the spectacular Jack & Tina Fussell who I accredit the dance photos above to :)

So needless to say, I’ve been buzzing around BeanTown in what’s left of my open-toe summer shoes, doing my best to embrace the humble bits of warmer days we have left…preparing excitedly for Boston Ballet’s Night of Stars on the Commons next Saturday where we’ll be performing Serenade and Symphony in 3 Movements amongst other works the night has in store… Will you come to see?

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