Today I come to you with a day in the life… A day, among many that begins in Studio 7.

Studio 7 is perhaps one of the most beautiful studios I’ve had the pleasure of dancing in, and fortunately, it’s where the majority of Boston Ballet gets to spend our day… Class, rehearsals, 5 minute breaks… It has the highest ceilings and a wall of floor to ceiling windows, exposing us to the sunlight and skyline all season long. I can’t tell you what a difference it makes to work with natural lighting, especially during performance season when backstage rarely lets you see the light of day…

This past week we opened our studio 7 doors wide to welcome the Sacred Dancers of Angkor – 30 breathtaking artists from the rural villages of Cambodia, who performed rare folk, classical and sacred Khmer dance for all of us watching. It seemed surreal to consider the many prestigious dance schools that brought each of us to the Boston Ballet, while these dancers represented the solitary conservatoire of dance available to these communities in all of Cambodia. Humbling to say the least… Their tangible passion and contact to the floor, their movement, and respectful relationship to one another was beyond inspiring – a perspective shifting opportunity that left studio 7 in a whole new light.

Sacred Dancers of Angkor

For as little as $10 you can help these dancers recoup their travel and subsistence costs of the tour by supporting their fundraising campaign here.

….And now a brief flashback to the Spring, when MIT and Boston Ballet collaborated high technology with high art…

Enjoy “A Day of Grace with Boston Ballet”  From a bird’s eye view, you might just recognize the shadow play of the sun, the likes of Balanchine’s brilliant patterns and one particular dancer in blue ;)

Thanks for stepping into the studio for a day!

Humbling Reality & Reel Time~ p.e.