Well Happy November!

Alas, a late fall in the Hub is competing for the beauty of a Spring I certainly won’t forget… Wind swept leaves of variant oranges, yellows and reds follow me down Columbus Avenue as I walk to the studios each day…one or two always managing to sneak past the stage door of the Boston Opera House and over the thresholds of local shops. I always welcome the flavors of fall, and this Autumn has certainly not disappointed… squashes aplenty at every farmers market I happen upon… Think pumpkin soups, fragrant stews…apple crumbles & cobblers…roasted root veggies and warm spices. Anybody, anybody?

This October I humored myself with an apple picking adventure at a darling farm not too far out of the city…opportunities to pick the perfect pumpkin – the stem has to be ever so curious… bites of Jonagolds, Macouns, Golden Delicious here and there….one too many handfuls of candy corn and naturally, homemade apple sauce :)

As I walked through these orchards I couldn’t help but relish the variety of these apples – all within the same genre of fruit, but unique for their individual colors, flavors and sizes…Each pumpkin sprouting from the same seed into robust characters that couldn’t be more different. While photographing these beauties, the thought occurred to me that people are very much the same as these sweet subjects – Capable of sharing so many qualities, while remaining ever individual…Not so different from a corps de ballet.

…Today the Boston Ballet finished our 12 performance run of Florence le Clerc’s La Bayadere – In two weeks, the stage has beheld tradition, tragedy, love and lust…and yet, the infamous ‘Kingdom of the Shades’  (“one of the most celebrated excerpts in Classical ballet”) never failed to conclude the 3 act story with heart wrenching vigor and grace.

Line by line we posed, piqué’d & passé’d—24 of us dancing as One vision of whimsical wonder & profiled poise—sharing so many qualities, while remaining ever unique. 

In my experience as a professional dancer in the Corps – I’ve come to cherish the significant moments of camaraderie that seem to flourish from exhausting group efforts that convey a story…think Swans, Willies, Sylphs…Being a Shade is certainly among these timeless memories of strength in numbers on stage – So here’s to my lovely ladies of the ballet – Thank you for every opportunity to hold each other up & guide each other down (the ramp ;) … I admire you more than all of the arabesque’s in the Kingdom!

Below, a motley gallery of fall favorites to decorate the diction & a few fun links!

Stage Rehearsal: Photo by Boston Ballet soloist,  Sabi Varga

Kingdom of the Shades Unique Stems Apple Picking! Golden Delicious Bag of Apples Pumpkin Patch Apple Picking Apple Picking Pumpkin Patch Pick of the Day!

 In other news, I did a voice interview for “Say Something” — NorthEastern University’s Chronicle of Higher Education – It’s only a few minutes so check it out Here!

Also, about this time last year… memories from La Bayadére with the Royal Danish Ballet

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Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice ~ p.e.