My dear readers,

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve mentioned my neglected blog, I’d have enough to buy you all a cup of tea and sing you carols in meager attempts at redemption…Needless to say you’ve been on my mind and material for Tutus&Tea has been amounting beautifully as this year comes to an end…I’m excited to share it with you!

Since we last spoke November has come and gone (gasp!)…along with it my favorite holiday of the year, Thanksgiving. This year I had the humblest pleasure of hosting 13 family members right here in the Hub ~ my first holiday back in the States in 4 years!! To everyone’s delight, we gathered hither and thither, cooking and drinking and giving thanks for all things little and big – most notably the gift of love and being together. What a true luxury that is… For 4 years past I’ve spent Thanksgiving amongst good friends and new traditions, invariably ending with a solitary, tear strewn bike ride around Copenhagen as I pictured the coziness and comfort that can only come from being with your family.

Quite the kickoff party to attend the Boston Ballet‘s opening night of Nutcracker at the Boston Opera House I’ve been calling home this month…

I began my 43-performance run dancing ‘Snow’ for my parents, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins – undoubtedly a rewarding (1st) snow fall of the season to be shared in such company…. In {light} of snow… We’ve been trekking along ever since, dreaming and dancing of every kind of sugarplum you can imagine, thankful for gracious audiences and the magic of such a tender tradition. As my one night off coincided with our first big snow storm of the season, I’m proud to say I took full advantage of staying in my pajamas and retiring to my kitchen… As you know, the rest is history.. and sugar cookies…some gingerbread men…maybe some chocolate bark too ;)

I’ll start off this eager return to the blogosphere with these lemon sugar thumbprint cookies. I call them that simply because they are bite sized, and cranked to printed perfection using one of those baking tools you can’t really justify but buy it anyways – turns out limited counter space appreciates such clever devices…

Sugar ThumbPrint Cookies Sugar ThumbPrint Cookies Sugar ThumbPrint Cookies IMG_8125 - Version 2 Snow Flake Sugar Cookies


Here’s to freshly fallen Snow, Sugar Cookies and Crisp winter mornings.

flakes & frivolity.


p.s. In mention of my dear Copenhagen, did anyone see this amazing GOOP post dedicated to the Happiest City I know?

p.p.s. A little InstaGallery from yours truly…