With the fervor of Sochi’s Olympians breaking world records and inspiring the champion in each of us, now more than ever ignites a personal yearn to make a difference in this world we live in. Setting goals is one thing, but having the courage to pursue them, to make TOday that “one day” we always talk about is what separates the dreamers from the doers…

One of my many resolutions for the New Year challenges me to find inspiration in the every day – be it miraculous icicles hanging like frozen daggers from brick-lined brownstones, or seeing performances of other art mediums when I’m not on stage myself…I’ve found that we are surrounded by possibilities—surrounded by opportunities to see (find) beauty, to harvest it, and to pass it along throughout our days. To make a difference through awareness, however big or small. To be the {light} in the day.

Witness Uganda

Last week I had the pleasure of Witness(ing) Uganda through the eyes of Griffin Matthews – a young actor from New York City who journeys to Uganda to help build a village school for orphaned teenagers. While his story, told through a heart-racing musical score and co-directed by Matt Gould, might compare to other efforts you’ve heard of ambitious change makers, it recognizes the inevitable hardships and discouraging realities of truly making our world a better place, while finding your own place within it.

Playing at the American Repertory Theater (A.R.T.) in Cambridge through March 16, 2014, Witness Uganda is a tearjerking, all inspiring story-through-song that you do not want to miss.

…If you’re one of my lovely readers visiting Tutus&Tea from afar, you can watch more videos of Witness Uganda and support the ongoing Uganda Project by purchasing teeshirts on their website here.

In other news – Check out my recipe for Quinoa Chili over on one of my new favorite blogs Little Moments of Happiness…perfect for a little protein-packed dins on these frrrrrrigid winter days…..

love&light. p.e.