This past Monday, I had the humble pleasure of attending the 4th annual Dance Against Cancer benefit gala in New York City. As the lights dimmed on a buzzing audience, the voices of 23+ dancers filled the room with an unnerving weight of humility and honor…introducing themselves as artists, and dedicating their performance to the fight of a loved one. While it remains a privilege to perform for a general audience, the opportunity to dance your heart out for a cause – a lost friend or family member – is an entirely different experience…Which is exactly what this gathering of selfless love and generous talent provided.

Piece after piece, dancers from world-renowned companies entered the stage with a dignified grace I can hardly explain…left their hearts on the floor…and bowed with modest recognition of this very special thing they were a part of – Dancing Against Cancer.

As artists, we naturally invest copious amounts of emotion into our performances. Beyond the physicality of dancing, we always leave a little part of ourself out there on the stage at the end of a show…hoping to have touched at least one other person the way we are so often inspired by each other.

As my grandfather currently fights his second bout of this disease, I couldn’t help but feel the weight of his struggle as I sat amongst the audience, humbled and inspired by the notion that I, too could use my art to make a difference. I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to everyone involved in this glorious evening…for sharing your exquisite abilities to express unconditional love and generosity in the most unique way I know. You are all champions. Let’s keep on Dancing for a Cure.

If you would like to donate to the American Cancer Society’s signature dance event dedicated to raising funds and supporting the fight against cancer, click HERE. We can all make a difference.