..there’s really nothing quite as true blue as the Mediterranean seas that line the coasts of neighboring European cities, is there?I’m humbled to recall my previous encounters with such memorable hues on this sunny summer afternoon… Italy, TurkeyGreece, and France (among others)…Never in short supply of cobalt blue doors or petit fours

Alors, last week I returned from a week long trip to France, where close friends and I ate and drank to our heart’s content in the City of Lights before training south to la belle Côte d’Azur…losing count of our daily stops at boulangeries, creperies, gelaterias, stand de fruits in all the ways a wandering tourist should.

You can believe little chef and I were there to capture it all, looking ever forward to sharing right here on Tutus&Tea.

We often stopped to embrace instagram-worthy photo ops, to appreciate the juiciest (street-side) peach, to engage in (v. mature) cherry-seed spitting contests on beaches in Cannes…to road trip to a mountain-top château before dancing the night away on beaches and benches and bars, arriving home just in time to share macarons over the rising sun..

Oh the sweetness of Summer. How long it takes to reach you and how quickly you slip away…

Hopefully these next few posts will stretch your days a wee bit further.
Paris Door Series

Cannes, France

Côte d'Azur, France

Du Pain et Des Idees

waves & wonder.


p.s. a lil’ Boston Globe shoutout on my “Instagram Look”