In lieu of the the perfectly absurd amounts of gelato consumed during my recent voyage à paris, I thought it most appropriate to feature some frozen flashback scoops of sweetness here on Tutus & Tea! It is #NationalIceCreamMonth for goodness sakes…but then again, isn’t every month deserving of summer’s most welcome treat?

Let’s have a quick chat about Sorbet & Soft Serve & a lot o’ gelato… Frozen Yogurt, Twisted Cones and Double Scoop Cups ~ The decision is yours…and perhaps the most luxurious problem you’ll have to face all summer (year—let’s be honest ;) long.

In France a day was not complete without at least three complementary flavors of the creamiest gelato known to mankind.

I found myself with a particular weakness towards anything nutella, pistachio, or fleur de lait but was daily tempted by exotic combinations of lavender or straciatella… #labellevie

Below, some of my favorite photographic memories accumulated from narrow, cobblestoned streets in Italy to the comfort of my very own homemade attempts at re-creation.

Feast your eyes & celebrate the month with a refreshing scoop (or 2) of dairy’s greatest gift…Bon Appetite!

Nutella and Caramel Gelato Homemade Vanilla Mango Raspberry and Pistachio Gelato Kinfolk Ginger IceCream Raspberry and Pistachio Gelato Homemade Mango Vanilla Ice Cream Soft Serve Vanilla á la Waffle Raspberry and Mint Gelato Homemade Saffron Ice Cream Homemade Raspberry Pistachio Ice Creamfrozen treats to beat the heat ~ p.e.