Ladies and Gentlemen,

In lieu of history’s first ever World Ballet Day, I found it humbly apropos to resurface from my mini-blog hiatus to celebrate… Amongst the numerous trending instagram shout outs to superfluous holidays (National Nutella Day anyone…? Not gonna lie, I celebrated…) — I found it beautifully refreshing to see the world recognize Ballet on a global scale. Now of course that’s my biased opinion as a professional ballet dancer, but let’s be honest.

It’s not every day that you get to combine the physicality of elite athleticism, the grace of seasoned artistry, the mastery of  the greatest classical music, the genius of old & new choreographers, and the passion of a culture that calls studios and stages their home. Ballet is more than tights and tutus and twirls. Ballet is Live Art. A performance might be fleeting, but never is it forgotten. So without further ado, I ask for your simple appreciation of a day that we may recognize the power and prominence of Ballet in our world.

…and below, some random throwbacks of summer…because apparently if you visit salt flats, or cornstalk fields or happen to go surfing, you should always, most definitely be carrying pointe shoes and engage in a spontaneous photoshoot ;)

Shelby Elsbree Shelby Elsbree Shelby Elsbree


*In honor of this most joyous occasion, five of the World’s top Ballet Companies have collaborated to create a Live Stream of their “behind the scenes action rehearsing”. Check it out on YouTube here.

I raise my dainty glass to you fellow dancers – This one’s ours for the takin’!