A classic tale retold through seas of satin, scores of yore

melodious plots revealed to strip each role down to its core

while birds of love and lust deceive, a feather’s weight revealed,

the burden of some twenty-four a swan is so concealed

four acts of evolution spill the secrets, share the score

a cautionary tale of decades past still begs for more

empty seats and stage lights start our day of storytelling

behind the velvet wall you’ll find the truth far more compelling

in lines we wait and hope to seek a higher mental plane

a world of love forsaken by realities of pain

through tears and sweat and light and fog

through all that we might weather

in comfort may we solely find the strength to flock together.

~composed at a 4:30am by one restless swan, Boston, MA


Click here for Tickets and more information to see Boston Ballet’s new production of Swan Lake, at the Boston Opera House now through November 16th.

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(*Smita is also the talented photographer who took the picture of me above in the Boston Public Library)! 

Seas of Satin & Swans ~ p.e.