a day for acknowledging our many blessings…for friends and family near or far, for resurrected recipes, traditional tastes, seasonal spices…

On this holiday, may we all stop a moment to give thanks for the lives we lead, the lives we share, the lives we learn from. While every day is truly an opportunity to give thanks, this special one encourages a unique bonding of people we find precious and memories we seek to mold.

I’m grateful for so many things, and as I sit here on a chilly Boston morning, they seem to overwhelm me like the flurry of snowflakes falling gently from the sky…

For humility, grace and opportunities to be inspired.

For nourishment, a strong body, a stronger mind.

For the levity of laughter and the fortitude of faith.

For darling friends, and precious family.

For seasons of change, of growth, of challenges.

For the perspective shifting travels that have brought me far and wide.

For the motivation of memories


For the Promise of Tomorrow.

As we sit down among loved ones today and indulge in our favorite dishes, may we recognize the humble presence of gratitude, and acknowledge the ease and fulfillment of it’s daily recognition. Nice, France

Live. Love. Laugh.

give thanks.