think about it.

Is there any other food that encompasses celebration so perfectly? I’d argue viably there is not…Birthdays, Graduations, Retirements, Holidays of all shapes and sizes…Gentle whiffs of Chocolate, Vanilla, Carrot, Red Velvet …vying for your palate’s pleasure… It’s always a good idea.

That’s why when I had family come to visit for the end of our Swan Lake run, I thought it would be the ideal time to break out a new recipe, to celebrate holidays and milestones past, present and future with those I love and hold so dear.

So, Hummingbird Cake. A playful variation on Carrot Cake (my usual favorite), that trades pineapple and bananas for carrots, and gracefully hosts decadent layersonlayers of cream cheese frosting. (The only frosting that counts in my book.)

We sat around on the floor with a pot full of peppermint tea, indulging in several slices complete with extra icing and no remorse. We celebrated. 

December is a month of recognition. A 31-day span of the jolliest music on earth, the enviable smell of evergreens, the acknowledgment of a holy birthday, {44 Nutcrackers!!!}, and all of the tidings and trimmings that friends & family have anticipated all year long.

So many brilliant reasons to celebrate. I recommend starting with a Slice. Hummingbird CakeHummingbird CakeHummingbird CakeHummingbird Cake

   I made a (gluten free) version of this recipe, which was no less than delightful.

For more on Boston Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker…(you might recognize a certain snowflake ;)

…and lastly, a sneak peak at my newly designed website:

’tis the Season!  ~ p.e.