As this year of 2014 comes to a final finish, I thought I’d continue along the theme of dreaming Tutus&Tea has been indulging in of late… a welcome way to greet the new year, oui?

Earlier this month I had the honor of attending the Massachusetts Women’s Conference— a gathering of 10,000 women who came to see and hear from the empowering female voices of our time. Among them, the lovely Lupita Nyong’o who spoke so eloquently, her words resonated in my heart for weeks afterward…

“Dreams are portals to your purpose,” she stated humbly – Daring doors of opportunity, if you will…

By sharing her own story, her own fearful climb to success, Lupita explained how despite her fears and obstacles, she would not let the intimidating factors of her dreams defeat her – an occurrence often too convenient to avoid when you realize that fear of failure walks in pace with fear of success.   Shelby's Christmas Tree

A dear friend's Care Package - German Christmas Goodies all the way from Berlin!

A dear friend’s Care Package – German Christmas Goodies all the way from Berlin!

Nutcracker Roses from my most precious parents..

Nutcracker Roses from my most precious parents..

I’d like to think I’ve always been a big dreamer. That being said, my dreams have always been supported by my loved ones. I’m so grateful for that. Was it not the great John Lennon who proposed, “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”

Photo Credit: Karolina Kuras

Photo Credit: Karolina Kuras

Shelby's Christmas Tree

Dreaming. Such a fanciful, hopeful concept. Most people protect themselves from the failure of dreams, by limiting their scope of hope… I’ve found life is simply too short for this. You have to cease the day, and while there will certainly be seasons of obstacles, doubts, setbacks, they will be triumphed with seasons of growth and grasp.

By leading with your hope rather than your fear, Lupita says, you can “[learn] to operate louder than [your] critics, and faster than [your] worry.”

Success is anything but singular. Dreams are portals to your purpose. You cannot walk through such lofty gates alone. Who would want to anyway?

"Flower" in The Nutcracker Photo Credit: David Amzallag

“Flower” in The Nutcracker Photo Credit: David Amzallag

…Dreams. Adapting to Life. Adapting to Lessons both lived and learned. Ever Hopeful.

If the first 4 years of my 20’s speaks anything for the next 6, I can sit back and know that I am truly blessed. That life will continue to challenge, and tempt me. That opportunities will present themselves, relationships will mold me and my voice as a writer, a dancer, a person will continue to develop with each passing season of planting and watering and growing. Shelby's Christmas Tree

I read something by Malcolm Forbes recently that struck a harp’s chord:

“By the time we’ve made it, we’ve had it.”

…lets enjoy the journey while we’re making it.

Here’s to a healthy, happy Holiday, and a bright, beautiful New Year!

Love & Light,