Happy New Year Merry Revelers!

Indeed, we are half way into Jolly January, and it somehow feels as if the curtain just went down on our final Nutcracker Performance way back in 2014… Needless to say, these chilly days (25 here this morning!) are flying by with inspiring energy…ready to claim our best shots at New Years Resolutions…(do see this most lovely post on my Sister’s blog, ‘LittleElbowRoom,’ for more on that :)

In the mean time since we spoke of dreaming, I have in fact become a whole year older (wiser?), experienced the magic that is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, spent some much needed & valued days with my dear family in Florida, adventured out to the wild west coast where close friends and dish upon drink upon dreamy view were waiting to steal my heart…and at last returned to the barre  back at 19 Clarendon to prepare for the rest of this Season with Boston Ballet.

I thought I’d share with you some favorite moments of my weekend in the {Golden State}…foggy mornings sprinkled with Foamy Lattés, Ferry Market Mushrooms and Almond Croissants well worth traveling cross-country for…A short trip to Lake Tahoe and soothing shades of Winter blues on blues on blues…followed by a fun little reflection gallery of the past year brought to you by the likes of Flipagram :)

Enjoy! I’m humbled and excited to think & dream of all that this year ahead of us has in store…Here’s to the most incredible family, friends, colleagues, and followers who made 2014 all that I could have hoped for!

(Do see below for some must see/taste/sip links should you visit San Francisco and/or Tahoe anytime soon! Procured by the lovely talent of my dear friend Rachel at FoodistaonPointeFour Barrel Coffee San FranciscoLatté Art brought to you by the memorable Four Barrel Coffee, San Francisco.San Francisco Bay Bridge Breakfast Sandwich from Blue Fog CoffeeThe most perfect of Breakfast Sandwiches, found warm and ready at Blue Fog MarketFlowers on Union StreetUnion Street Roses, San FranciscoFerry Building Market PlaceDecadent Mushrooms found at my new favorite Ferry Building Marketplace – A foodie’s field day!
Lake TahoeA wintry Lake Tahoe, as seen from Commons BeachBrown Butter Cake at Four Barrel CoffeeI’ve been dreaming of this Brown Butter Cake ever since finishing off the final crumb… (Four Barrel Coffee)Lake Tahoe Ferry Market Building What is it about Chanterelle’s?! I could photograph these beauties all day long… Lake Tahoe from Commons Beach Almond Croissant from Tartine Bakery  I exaggerate not when I say this Almond Croissant was well worth it’s weight in butter, flaked & baked to golden perfection and snowed upon gently with the most powdered of sugars…You will thank yourself. And then dream of returning. Herein, I humbly beg you to experience the heaven that exists at Tartine Bakery. (The morning bun scores a *close* second)

Last but not least, click here to see some fine bits of my 2014!

Readers, it’s been the truest delight to share my thoughts, musings & merry moments with you this past year… Now let’s raise a GrEeN JuIcE to 2015, and then go out for ice cream :)

It’s all about finding that balance….oui?

bisous! p.e.