a silent conversation starts with steps that so unfold
a brilliant orchestration holds the score of stories told
unique collaboration ties creative minds that bind
a great manifestation that each role seeks to define
each day of dedication molds the minds of all who strive
for the endless destination that enthralls a dancers life.

Ashly Ellis

To my loyal readers who know by now that life is what happens while you’re making plans… (say, to post more frequently/daily chronicle February’s numerous shades of sunlight, for example ;)

…I leave you with this midnight musing that entertained my restless mind in between choreographed #countsoncountsoncounts of winter/spring repertoire and one epic SnOw fAll after another here in the Hub of Happiness.

Thanks for tuning in while I’ve been turning out. ;) See what I did there? #bunheadbust

Hope you’re all staying warm and taking gentle note of each day’s gifts. I’ll be back here for more Tutus&Tea ramblings in no time!

weightless wonder ~ p.e.

(The above picture is among one of my favorite dancers/artists here in Boston Ballet, the eloquent Ashley Ellis – I snapped this during a “five minute break” a little while ago and it remains one of my treasured moments here at our Southend Studios…)