Dear Grandpa,

So few will walk this realm of life
With so direct a path
So few will handle obstacles
With honor nary wrath.

So few will wear the roles assigned
Imposed by Higher thought
So few will seek the wayward road
When easy paths are naught

So few will stroll the streets
Giving more than what they take
So few will trade in doubt for
Faith and not their love forsake

So few will earn the trust of family, friends and strangers like
So few will see the light of darker days triumphant strike

So few of God’s creation can return to Him and say
With courage I have lived my life so fully to this day

So few who battle sickness fight for more than just their own
So few make final minutes pass with treasured family shown

So few is valor given, earned, restored and never bought
Of all the things you’ve left behind
To each of us you’ve taught:

A life well lived is one that reaches high while standing low
That dreams and dares discover
Beauty has no greater woe.

So few will walk this realm of life
I know this much is true
Among these few who triumph
I am talking dear to you.

With love forever,


Gordon MacPhail


Gordon MacPhail

March 1930-February 2015