Among the many wonders and hopes I have for the great wide world of technology, I’m tickled by the idea of encouraging it’s potential for creative collaborations. The ease at which we can use social media to create a “following,” or more importantly, procure one for others amazes me on a daily basis. There is an ever-present opportunity for spontaneous introduction at the very tips of our fingers! If that’s not a 21st century perk – I’m not quite sure what is…Kenneth Edwards Photoshoot of Shelby Elsbree

One such tech-fostered friend by the name of Kenneth Edwards came to me recently through Twitter – With a passionate interest in living his art, Kenneth proposed we collaborate on a photoshoot, aiming to capture personality, passion and authenticity through the lens of his impressionable Hasselblad camera and unique eye for story-sharing. Between his training in classical Opera, vested interest in dance & natural affinity to capture a past-reflected present, I knew this was going to be good. Shelby Elsbree by Kenneth Edwards

Needless to say, it was not long before we found ourselves in the creative confines of an empty ballet studio on a day off, warming up to fabulous tracks and dancing about with no inhibitions. In between tutu changes and inspiring conversation, Kenneth would hop over on the grand Piano, inviting the likes of Gershwin and Chopin to casually join our party… One-Man-Band-Stand?! Je pense Oui :)Shelby Elsbree by Kenneth EdwardsTimeless hours drifted by as we chased sunlight from studio to studio…Shelby Elsbree by Kenneth EdwardsIt’s funny to think of where the possibilities an open-mind and subtle spirit will lead you to… Inspiring conversations or lasting friendships…an ‘epiphany moment’ or even just a good belly laugh you didn’t realize how badly you needed. I look so forward to future collaborations with Kenneth and like-minded creative dreamers. Shelby Elsbree by Kenneth EdwardsIn these bitter cold days of relentless winter, I would hope that we all keep chasing sunlight – wherever that call, comment, message or moment might bring you :)

Kenneth wrote a generous blog post that shares our story here (more pictures). I’ve also featured more selections from our shoot inside Studio 5 and Studio 6 on my website, but you’ll likely see them sprinkled throughout Tutus&Tea in due time…

You can share in Kenneth’s story telling on his VSCO blog, or on Instagram @kennethbedwards

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