Four days away from our premiere of Lady of the Camellias, I invite you into the studio to share in the heart-wrenching tale that will soon take the stage of the Boston Opera House.

Act II: A pianist, An Opera Singer, Two dancers – a scattered company bordering the studio’s perimeters…

His sound came like a sonnet

Rays of sunlit reverie

from the corner where he stood

a piano beckoned gentle plea

betrayed through tears she left him

for what good he did not know

betrothed to written lies

and tired lungs she dared not show

in agony he fell towards

lonely comfort that was left

a father-son reversion

lover’s torn, two hearts bereft

one tragic scene prevailed

upon a normal day of rest

through bleary eyes we watched and

learned of adoration’s test

while sun’s solace distracted

endless winter’s cold outside

for a moment we escaped to find

where true love does reside.

To  Anais Chalendard, Eris Nezha and Boyko Dossev, who take artistry to a new level, and transported us all.

Photograph by Kenneth Edwards