In light of this short month’s ability to sell an abundance of chocolate and likewise, commercialize on yet another palatable holiday… I thought I’d give a little (belated) tribute to Saint Valentine, and the wonder/quest/conquest of noble love he’s long since been remembered for.

Without getting carried away on a bed of roses… I thought I’d share with you all a collection of thoughts I came across not long ago, a soft suggestion really, that has simplified my perspective on life in a truly generous way. I invite you all to start your day and continue your year with this humbling challenge:

Love. Just Love.

Love your city. Love your home. Love your food. Love your dreams. Love your people. Love.

Love the things that are easy to love, and stretch to love the things that aren’t.

When you love fearlessly, you beam. You’re a light in the storm. You’re a smile in the crowd. You’re a breath of fresh air.

…Make a commitment right now to embody your soul- to be the most irresistible version of you. Center, feel grateful, live your truth and love your heart out, and you will, without a shadow of a doubt, become a magnet to everyone who has the privilege of basking in your light.

(Shelly Bullard from MindBodyGreen)

Is that not most delightful?! I wish I could say I wrote it… Alors, think about how you might invite love into your life today. Maybe you let yourself linger over breakfast, smile at a stranger in passing…relish in a good conversation or reach out to someone you admire. I chose the latter recently when I came across a bright talent on my instagram feed, the ever inspiring Elma Murakami. Elma is a brilliant lingerie designer and seamstress located on the sunny West Coast. To say she’s found her niche in making women feel beautiful is a generous understatement. Elma’s work is (ironically) seamless. Her designs are reflections of her unique eye to compliment personalities and capture beauty in every garment. Her Instagram is my daily eye-candy. We decided to collaborate on a silky set that began what I hope is an endless conversation of sharing each other’s passions…Elma for Shelby Elma for Shelby Elma for Shelby Elma for ShelbyPhotographs by the talented Kenneth Edwards

Elma has a most enviable Etsy Shop that invites you to linger on lingerie or even place custom orders should you so desire…I’m so grateful to her for this collaboration and feel humbled to promote the work of such a talented artist.

With only a few days staving off a month of St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans… I leave you with this tidbit of tenderness from Galations 5:13-14:

“…but through love serve one another. For the whole Law is fulfilled in one word, in the statement, “You shall Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Here’s to Noble Love as we Know it :)