Shelby-1825This very day marks a special place in my heart each year, one that merits – at the very least- a moment of humble reflection here on Tutus&TeaNew York City, Central Park

It was 6 years ago to this mid-month of March that I packed up my many bags and moved from the sleepless city of Manhattan across the Atlantic to start my professional dancing career with the Royal Danish BalletNew York City

I wondered wide-eyed down the cobblestoned streets of Copenhagen with not the faintest idea of what the next four years there would behold. Sweet diction can hardly suffice to sum up my experience living and working in that quaint European gem of a city…Needless to say not a day passes that I don’t indulge myself in the most luxurious memories…CopenhagenWhispering rooftops, Royal families, famed streets & statues, I dove headfirst into the most beautiful, humbling life-perspective shift I could have asked for…and never looked back.Rooftops of Copenhagen…until that is, a time and place in my life & career came that beckoned me back over the Deep Blue Sea. The divinely orchestrated chapter of my life in Denmark came to a close as I packed my suitcases full of sacred memories, and made my way to Boston, Massachusettes where I now dance for the Boston Ballet. The irony was that this move occurred on the exact same day, March 17th, a fast four years later.

shelby59…and now here we are. I’ve had the pleasure of calling Boston home for two years to the day, and in that short period of time have had the luxury of joining another family of talented dancers and incredible friends at the heart-wrenching expense of leaving one behind…Boston BalletIt’s funny how life seems to know just when to tie things together for you, even when it might seem chaotic or overwhelming at the moment…there’s a beautiful gift in reflecting that allows you to look back and see how and why it was all supposed to make sense. Shelby-1867This week we are rehearsing for a triple-bill in our upcoming Spring repertoire, a program called Shades of Sound that combines Wayne McGregor’s Chroma, George Balanchine’s Episodes, and Hans van Manen’s Black Cake.

Chroma is a genius combination of exotic beauty, stretching contemporary limits beyond bare-white walls, giving dance-dialogue to a story we’ll never know…It’s always been a dream of mine to perform, one that Royal Danish was preparing for just as I left.

Episodes is just one of many masterminded “leotard ballets” of Balanchine’s,  lending neoclassical simplicity to intricate musicality and choreographic brilliance.

It seems fitting that while on stage at the Boston Opera House this very evening, I realized this program is a humbling combination of my New York roots and near-missed opportunity during my last days in Denmark…It all fits together how it’s supposed to, you see.

Sometimes, it just takes a day or dream or two to note well the realities of treasured time.

Here’s to milestones & memories.