Springtime. s i g h. Even the thought of it flirts with fresh flavors of fruit and smitten sunlight. I can’t get enough.

…and here we are… half way through May and wrapping up what has been a long, challenging and fulfilling season – my second with Boston Ballet.

Last night we opened our final program with a variety in repertoire not nearly diminished by a generous audience over at the Boston Opera House... The Thrill of Contact (performed now thru May 24th) suggests exactly that – a dynamic palate of dance not limited to any one style, form or freedom…

Opening with George Balanchine’s ‘Theme and Variations,’ a masterful effort “…to evoke that great period in classical dancing when Russian ballet flourished with the aid of Tschaikovsky’s music” (said Mr. B himself) …picture poise and timeless technique beneath the grandeur of a crystal-laden chandelier…

Next up reveals our very own Jeffrey Cirio’s world premiere of ‘fremd‘ – an innovative stretch “to reach outside the box with no inhibitions” — followed no less, by William Forsythe’s distinguished ‘The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude‘ – a short albeit powerful tour de force set to the honorable score of Schubert — last week we had the honor of partaking in a two hour “Skype Rehearsal,” where Forsythe proceeded to translate his visions from the likes of an apartment in Germany, fine-tuning and challenging us all from the mind-blowing confines of a computer screen…if that’s not a sign of the times, I’m not quite sure what is.

Last but not least, the comedic study of people portrayed through the endlessly entertaining mind of Jerome Robbins in ‘The Concert.’ I had the pleasure of performing this brilliant ballet, set to the soothing score of Chopin (played live on stage) during my career with Royal Danish Ballet, and this revival has been the sweetest opportunity to conjure and create new memories.

So here we are! The final stretch of a marathon Season, Summer fast approaching with indulgent dreams of trading satin shoes for sandals and buns for bathing suits… Does it not seem like yesterday we were aloft with visions of deceitful birds and feather-weighted burdens?!

Well we’ve made it. The next adventure is ours for the taking :)

Below… Some throwback photographs of Royal Danish Ballet’s production of The Concert – (photographers credited below) The Concert - David Amzallag The Concert - David Amzallag 06_prt.ashx The Concert - David Amzallag The Concert - David Amzallag 02_prt.ashxp.s. If you haven’t indulged yourself in any of Chopin’s musical mastery in a while, I highly suggest you lend an afternoon walk to a few of his piano sonatas… Or you could always just pop into the Opera House for a ballet or two :)

See you from the stage!