Theater cases filled with seasoned shoes and visions of

a sliding curtain’s song fatigued with stories, whispered love

Another year gone by will host new memories that beam

from a small black box which carries shows and silent tears that stream

lightly from a weathered body doth the artists’ hope conceal

the secret of a tired athlete lies in discipline’s reveal

As we take our final bow, lean limbs encumbered by our act

applauded by the hands that came to see our evening’s work react

you see, the flight of every artist starts with aspirations high

absorbs the burden of our lofty dreams that gently dance on by

toward the wings of great divide which mark a magic space’s start

a sacred Opera House’s stage that holds each ballerina’s heart.


Shelby by KarolinaTo my most beautiful Boston Ballet family,

 Thank you for another season brimful with memories I’ll cherish forever…Happy Summer!


Photo by the lovely Karolina Kuras, Dress by Louiza Babouryan