summertime. I can’t say it aloud without a smile. a season of lazy mornings, afternoon storms, el fresco evenings and rooftop dinners with all of the rosé. a melon-sweet break from the routine callings of rival months, when we lovingly embrace indulgent days of lingering sun and sand covered feet.

a time for adventure. sleep. travel. reflection. a reason for rest. 

this past month has had me skipping across the great blue a time or two…sprinkling old and new cities with fresh memories and nourishing friendships.

a whirlwind weekend in the British Virgin Islands reacquainted my skin with sun and salt-water seas. there were pirate ships, parties, caves, and drinks on drinks (on drinks). I mean, we were thirsty. I got bit by a jelly fish. totally worth it.

a week in Oslo brought back all the flirtatious flavors of my favorite Scandinavian palate – a neighborhood of the most beautiful, streamlined countries sparkling with mid-summer’s glow and rolling hills of fern-gully green. music festivals. boardwalk swing. sculpture parks. walks on wharfs. simplicity.

IMG_3375 …and now a temporary home called New York City where sleepless minutes pass like hours, having all of the fun. getting caught up in the contagious pulse of a concrete jungle I’ve come to know and love…surprise visits from beautiful Danes. broadway shows and brunches. cold brew and cabs. flea markets and frozen yogurt.  another month ahead of good reads and jet-setting to inspire my daily chronicles. late night swims and all of the watermelon…

tell me love, how are these decadent months treating you?

midsummer night dreaming ~ p.e.