Today I’ll begin a three week adventure around Europe with the loveliest combination of family and friends… Amidst my summer travels, I can’t help but find points of pause here and there – quiet opportunities to stop, to soak up the moment, to absorb sunlit smiles well into the depths of my memory stores…

I’ve been so grateful to call Manhattan home these past few weeks…reveling in the simple luxury of finding solace and serenity in a City that never sleeps. Last weekend I had the pleasure of shooting with photographer Albert Ayzenberg for his original series Behind the Glass – a passion project that brings together the collaborative talents of artists alike…I found myself dancing around misty botanical gardens in Central Park, doing what I love with hopeless abandon in the peaceful center of a restless island I’ve known since I was 13. Eleven years later and this magical city still plucks my heart strings with endless inspiration, an energy and fervor I’ll continue to savor with each and every return…



…next stop, Iceland!

Stop by for more images from Albert’s #behindtheglass series

(See Central Park I & Central Park II)!

ballerina on a break ~p.e.