Here we are… a beautifully sunny day in the smack middle of August—an entire month of summer left to savor sweet berries & swaying breezes. I thought there was no better time than now to make an appearance on Tutus&Tea, my sweet little nook of creative chronicles that has been sorely neglected as summer travels & temptations took me far and wide…You see today, we celebrate not only the sweetness of summer, but the birthday of Culinary Royalty herself, dearest Julia Child.

The contagiously entertaining American chef and TV personality who mastered The Art of French Cooking would be 103 today, and no less jubilant in the kitchen she called home, I can only imagine…

My parents bought me this incredible picture of Julia, kneading away some dough, basking in stolen summer sun…I think it’s the perfect embodiment of all the joy and passionate simplicity she pursued in life, and I love getting to share it here:

Photograph by Paul Child circa 1952, Harvard University

Photograph by Paul Child circa 1952, Harvard University

As these long days ensue, I look forward to getting back into the rhyme & rhythm of sharing bits of travel memories, keeping you posted on what’s happening in the studio over at Boston Ballet now that our Season has just started back, and pausing to capture, share & savor the little moments of beauty that continue to present themselves on these lovely, sun-laden summer days…

Thanks for holding out for me!

Let’s raise a Rosé to the one and only, shall we? Here’s to you, Julia. May your courage to share, eagerness to learn, endless ability to laugh, and humble talent to nourish so many passions keep us all inspired to live our days abundantly… to keep our glasses full, our plates decorated, and our palates insatiable!

“Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.” -Julia Child

happy bellies & birthdays~ p.e.