Today marks the one week countdown to an exciting Webinar I’ll be partaking in over at The Whole Dancer!

“Geared toward high level dancers working towards, or already immersed in, their professional careers,” health coach Jess Spinner and I will be discussing different ways of Eating for Energy and Injury Prevention… sharing thoughts on staying balanced in both dance and in life.

Balance. An ever present friend/foe, pursued not only by those of us en pointe, but perhaps everyone seeking stability in their lives. 00332V5A0787Nourishing relationships, meals, perspectives…Balance is about finding your own equilibrium, a state that is unique to your needs, your body, your mind.00362V5A0861It doesn’t always have to be black or white, right or left, happy or sad … discovering ways to find your best self is as cathartic a realization as ever. Rather than an end all destination, balance is about your mental/emotional/physical journey to the unknown, that keeps you grounded as a person, a dancer, an artist. 00342V5A0818Every day offers the challenge of pursuing a healthy lifestyle, doing what you love, nourishing your body and mind, and indulging in special moments big/small…00372V5A0866

Every day, the luxury of establishing your own center in light of beneficial balance.

Come join us next Thursday, August 27th at 8pm! You can register for free, here – Free Webinar*First four photos above by Karolina Kuras, Poster photo by Kenneth Edwards

Look forward to tuning in with you!