Ladies and Gentlemen of the choir, the class, the world at large, lean in… This post is introducing you to perhaps the most precious four-legged bundle of joy you will see all week (month/year/ever). His name is Oliver. And he is my new canine confidant, lover of all things nap/knaw-worthy. He particularly enjoys long days at the theater where he’s perfectly comfortable with the over stimulation of dancer-swooning and gets to sleep to the melodious magic that is Mahler (…and the occasional T.Swift/Bieber remix ;)Oliver by Rosalie Oliver by RosalieI’d argue his arrival could not have come at a better time, as we finally kick off our season! After months of rehearsing, Boston Ballet opened the Boston Opera House last weekend with a musical masterpiece, John Neumeier’s Third Symphony of Gustav Mahler. This tour de force of composed, choreographic genius is sure to weigh on the harmonious hearts of many that come to share in our journey. The past week has seen endless days back/onstage, saturated in the angelic sounds of 78 musicians alongside the New World Chorale, accompanied by six movements of dance — each one set apart so uniquely from the other despite their seamless transitions…

The last time I worked with Neumeier was during my career with Royal Danish Ballet, dancing as Olympia in his Lady of the Camellias. Needless to say, I’ve never heard Chopin the same way since…His attention to the finest details and reverence for simplicity and stillness are reflected so powerfully in each of his works, its hard to come away from them without growing as both a person and an artist. His interpretation of music is beyond this world…tender steps that breath solicitous medleys as they rise from the pit, silences that sing to the energy of the orchestra…like nothing I’ve heard or seen before.

Oliver will be our Corps de Ballet Mascot Extraordinaire/Emotional Support animal throughout the coming Nutcracker season and beyond, and is sure to be featured more than once here on Tutus&Tea…He would like to thank the ever talented Rosalie O’Connor for agreeing to this spontaneous pre-performance photoshoot, and Corina Gill for lending her pointe shoe which tasted most delicious, accordingly. He’s sorry he mistook it for a piddle pad towards the end there…Oliver by Rosalie Oliver by Rosaliesymphonies & surprises

~ p.e. & Oli