Attention s’il vous plaît! It’s International Women’s Day! What better a moment to mark Tutus&Tea’s 2016 debut…?! I know you’ve been waiting for it… I certainly have. When I think of the women in my life who have guided, encouraged, supported and loved me along every step of my life’s journey, I’m nearly at a loss to express ample gratitude. So this here, very first (late to the party) post of a mindful New Year is dedicated to each and every single one of them.

The mentors and the mothers. The dreamers and the daughters. The swans and the sisters.

Photo by the talented Rosalie O'Connor

Photo by the talented Rosalie O’Connor

You know who you are. You know how you have shaped the world around you as only you were created to do. You know the love you have shared, the inspiration you have fostered, the laughter you have roused…You are the {women} of the world, and I am humbled and proud to stand amongst you.

Since the early 1900s, International Women’s Day has been recognized worldwide — a day to celebrate the accomplishments of women, while shining a bright light on the ongoing struggle for gender equality. This day marks the resilience of a remarkable gender, one that has balanced intelligence with empathy and creativity with courage since the very beginning. While every day provides reason to honor the women of our lives, I take such delight in the global effort made to recognize Women on this terrific Tuesday. Reach out to the women in your life today – share in the celebration of a most powerful purpose. Let us continue to innovate, grow, learn, develop, reach far, take risks, believe and support one another. Courage is contagious! 

The day is coming when that proverbial ‘glass ceiling’ will be nothing but a shattered mosaic floor beneath us, reflecting the faces of bold, beautiful women the wide-world over. Let us be one of them.

Cheers Ladies, I take my favorite fascinator off to each and every one of you.

with endless love,


p.s. …I couldn’t leave without giving the most tender, heartfelt thank you to my mother and sister – You two women are my marble pillars of strength, my bottomless cup of courage, my daily source of assurance, guidance, laughter and love, without which my life would not be the same. I am forever grateful for you, I love you with all of my heart and all of my soul. I celebrate you today and everyday.